Ready to Personalize Your Math Class?

With a personalized approach, students begin their learning journey at their ability level. Take advantage of techniques that have helped countless educators to be more deliberate in choosing and sequencing instructional activities.

Our Personalized Learning with Khan Academy: QuickStart Guide walks you through every step of launching your initiative. It includes lesson plans and student resources so you can start personalizing your math class today. The software and the QuickStart Guide are both absolutely free!

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This guide aligns with Bridge 2 of our 3-Bridges Design for Learning.

Personalized learning has direct benefits for students but also supports growth within the other two bridges.

Bridge 1: 

Content Coverage

A unique approch to traditional schooling using high-impact instructional strategies that allow the teacher to be more efficient 

Bridge 2: 

Personalized Learning

Students progress toward grade-level standards at their own pace. Teachers reduce grading time and shift into the role of "guide by the side."

Bridge 3: 

Inquiry-Based Learning

By learning through exploration, each student gains something unique. IBL supports content mastery, problem solving, and social-emotional learning.