Plan Engaging Lessons in No Time!

Creating a good lesson is like telling a story. And every good story has three parts: a beginning, a middle, and an end. 

When we put too many activities into a single class period, students go through the steps. But unless it all ties together, it just doesn’t work. Like a story with too many characters, first you get confused. Soon, you lose interest.  

Engaging lessons start by getting students excited to learn. They learn through hands-on exploration. They share and reflect on what they've learned

This simple template will help you organize your ideas and plan 3-part lessons for any subject area.  

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This guide aligns with Bridge 3 of our 3-Bridges Design for Learning.

Personalized learning has direct benefits for students but also supports growth within the other two bridges.

Bridge 1: 

Content Coverage

A unique approch to traditional schooling using high-impact instructional strategies that allow the teacher to be more efficient 

Bridge 2: 

Personalized Learning

Students progress toward grade-level standards at their own pace. Teachers reduce grading time and shift into the role of "guide by the side."

Bridge 3: 

Inquiry-Based Learning

By learning through exploration, each student gains something unique. IBL supports content mastery, problem solving, and social-emotional learning.